Creating the Sculpture for the Bethel Music 'Have It All' Album Cover

Back in December I had the honor of working with Bethel Music to create the cover for their upcoming live album, Have It All, which will be released early March. This is an account of my experience and the process we went through to create it. Bethel Church and the School of Ministry have both played a big part in my life. My two older brothers and my wife have all attended the ministry school. Since the age of fourteen I have been making trips to Redding to visit Bethel. What an incredible place! I have never seen so many people in one room overflowing with love and passion for Jesus. Spending time in that environment always has a profound impact on my family and myself. Bethel Music has pl

The Hudson River Fellowship

I have been wanting to blog for years now and feel I must back track a little (two and half years!). I will start with one of my first painting adventures from the summer of 2013, which had a profound impact on me: the Hudson River Fellowship. First, I should explain what the fellowship is. The Hudson River Fellowship models itself after the traditions of the Hudson River School, a mid-19th century American art movement embodied by a group of landscape painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism. The fellowship is a two week intensive drawing and painting adventure. Surrounded by beauty, you spend time receiving practical and technical tutorage while discovering for yoursel

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